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Kids’ 2021 S.E.E. Program

Kids’ Summer Enrichment and Education Program


We’re excited to be bringing back this free, fun and educational program!  While many libraries are still limited to virtual summer programs, we felt that with some program changes, some careful planning, and lots of great volunteers, we could offer an in-person experience for our kiddos.

The main change you’ll see about this year’s program is the need to pre-register your child for the Tuesday and Thursday afternoon program activities.

Two Kids S.E.E. sessions will be offered – one on most Tuesdays and Thursdays in June and one on most Tuesdays and Thursdays in July. All sessions will be held from 2:00 – 4:00 in the afternoon. Your child can enroll in just the June session, just the July session, or they can attend both.  Class size will be limited to 10 per class and all children must be pre-registered.

Based on the 2020-2021 school year completed by your child, programs will be offered for two age groups:

  • K thru 3rd grade
  • 3rd thru 6th grade

(Yes, the lucky third graders can choose either program).

Programs will be offered in the following subject areas:

  1. Art , Crafts & Imagination – creative art and craft activities, and other fun activities with Mary Leitko.
  2. Twist, Shout, Read & Eat! – Do you like learning about music and dancing? Do you like playing games and making noise? Do you like reading and eating? Come join Sheila Bain in the library Main Annex!
  3. Gardening, Giggling, & Trying New Things – A little hands on gardening, some experimenting, and other fun projects and activities with Suzanne Ellis.
  4. Science, Cooking and Investigation -Fascinating experimentation, intriguing exploration and a bit of cooking and nutrition

All four subject areas will be offered once for each age group.  Your child will remain in the same subject area for the whole month.  Each program will be limited to 10 children so that the instructors can manage sanitation and social  interaction.

We hope you’ll understand the need to make these adjustments!  Please keep in mind, that when you register your child for June or July, you are requesting a slot in each of the program days (7 in June and 8 in July).  Please be considerate of others by registering only if your child can realistically attend all or almost all of the days.

June Program Dates: 6/3, 6/8, 6/10. 6/15, 6/17, 6/22, 6/24

July Program Dates:  7/6, 7/8, 7/13, 7/15, 7/20, 7/22, 7/27, and 7/29

If you are successful in enrolling your child, you’ll receive a brief “Success!” email, followed by a later e-mail with contact information for the instructors, class locations, and drop-off/pick-up instructions.

If the program you wanted is full, there will be an opportunity to put your child on the waiting list.

See you this summer!


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