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Help us to help her grow and flourish. The Round Top Family Library depends on private donations to fund its programs and services for the regional community we serve. The Town of Round Top does its best to support its local library even though the vast majority of the people we serve are families who live outside the town limits. Over ninety per cent of the funds that make it possible for us to serve our patrons, big and small, comes from people just like you. The Round Top Family Library continues to exist because of private donations from individuals, families and businesses. Some are folks who have been here for over 100 years. Others have moved into the region in the last few decades or own vacation homes in our area. What they have in common is that they all love the Round Top area.

Please do your part to keep our library growing!

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Buy an Engraved Courtyard Paver

Paver-picMemorialize the life of family or friends. Promote your business to the whole community. Share your wisdom for years to come while supporting the Library.

Buy engraved Library courtyard pavers. They are available in three different sizes, a 4” x 8“ brick, an 8” x 8“ square medallion or a huge 16” x 16” engraved memorial.

Some families have purchased the 16” x 16” memorials, then had family and friends purchase smaller pavers which can be set together in a group pattern.


Facilities Development Fund - Land Rush Campaign

In the last few years, it has become clear to the Library’s leadership that what had begun as a tiny library for children has grown into a regional community center.Our programs have expanded beyond what our facilities can accommodate. We have had to outsource our larger programs to off-campus facilities.

In addition to needing additional classroom and meeting space, we want to host community activities like community movie nights, events and presentations for up to 100 people, lectures, theatre, musical events, young person’s performances, web-based group learning and cultural outreach for children, teenagers and adults. The versatile space we are planning could also be used by other community organizations and groups for events and instruction that benefit the community.

In 2014, we launched our Land Rush campaign. The two acres of the Library property was broken into 113 distinct “lots” that could be sponsored for prices that range from $500 to $5,000. Many have already been sponsored by your friends and neighbors. Those funds, along with other private donations, were then used to completely restore the historic Rummel Haus, including the installation of a beautiful new kitchen for use by the community. Those gifts also enabled us to pay off the balance of the remaining debt on the Library property.

In 2015, we received a generous $100,000.00 pledge for a new community center annex and media center to be built on the back of the Sterling and Marianne McCall Library Building. That’s a great start, but not quite enough to fully fund the project. (We need to raise $200,000 to $250,000 more.This is also a naming opportunity for those interested.) We are currently in the process of doing needs assessments, a feasibility study and creating preliminary designs for that project and other needed improvements.

4 foyer sign 300 dpi In the entry foyer of the Sterling and Marianne McCall Library Building is a permanent recognition of those who contributed to our 2014 Capital Campaign. Our 2015/2016 Facilities Development Fund continues our Land Rush campaign. There are many prime lots remaining of “prime downtown Round Top real estate” so don’t delay. Your family or business name will join many others on our donor board at the entry to the Library.

To invest in your own little piece of heaven, either visit the library or contact one of the following staff or volunteers.

Vickie Larue


Christopher Travis


Ed Ellis


Barbara Smith


Other Facilities Fund Naming Opportunities

While the Library always could use more money for operations, contributions for the Facilities fund will be used for three targeted goals:

The first is the expansion of our facilities above.

Two other major priorities are also needed. Each of these major contributions will be recognized with a large public plaque associated with the improvements.

  • New “dark sky” parking lot lights in our main parking lot. – $15,300.00 (Our programs are now extending into the evening hours. Our seniors don’t feel safe in the dark.)
  • Paving the main and Rummel Haus parking lots – $50,000.00

In case you haven’t noticed, our parking areas are getting washed out and bumpy. We want to fix that problem permanently.

If you are interested in learning more about either of these naming opportunities, or you would like to join our fund-raising team, please contact one of the following staff members or volunteers.

Vickie Larue


Christopher Travis


Ed Ellis


Barbara Smith


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal name and status of the Round Top Family Library?

The 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that runs the Library is called the Round Top Library Association. You can make out checks to either name and they will still be tax deductible donations. RTLA is a private non-profit, not a public entity. However, because the Town of Round Top makes the minimum contribution to our institution that qualifies us as a civic library, we are also a public library certified by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

How can I be sure the money I contribute goes where I want it to go?

First, make sure you are clear about what you want. Some funds go to operations, like engraved pavers and cash donations. Some are dedicated, like the Facilities Fund and Land Rush. You can also dedicate contributions directly to fund a specific program or any other beneficial contribution. However, such contributions must go through the Board of Directors to assure they are compatible with our mission. Our books are also transparent to our patrons. If you require additional financial information, please contact our treasurer, Ed Ellis. Please be patient. All officers and Board members are volunteers.

If I have an idea and I am willing to fund it, would it be considered?

Yes, especially if you are also available to lead or assist with the project you fund. Many of the current programs, events and improvements at the Library began as an idea of a volunteer or donor, then became part of our regular services.

Do enough people really come to the Library and use its programs to justify all the money put into its facilities?

Yes! The Town of Round Top may only have 90 citizens, but just the lending library part of our operations serves patrons in the thousands. We also have a long-standing relationship with the Round Top Carmine schools. The arts and music programs that now exist in the schools were originally started by the Library, Children are bused regularly to Library programs from the schools. We also have regional partners from other communities who collaborate with us on events, performances and programs. We aren’t just a small town library anymore. We are a regional community center.

What are the limitations that face the Library?

It’s pretty straight forward. We are a very conservative organization financially with a limited donor base and almost no public financial support. If not for our many volunteers and a devoted staff that works below their market value, we could not provide the many services we offer. That is why we have worked since our founding to become debt free, which we finally accomplished in 2015. We have a small endowment but it is not large enough to sustain our long term goals.


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